There are several ways to apply to UFSC’s undergraduate programs as a degree-seeking student. Learn more about them here.


The Vestibular is the university entrance examination. It ranks applicants according to their performance and qualifies them for admission in the undergraduate programs. Foreign students can also take the exam. For further information, access COPERVE/UFSC website:


Unified Selection System (Sisu/MEC)  

The Unified Selection System (Sisu) is a computerized system established by the Ministry of Education (MEC) through which Brazilian public higher education institutions offer seats to applicants according to their performance in the National Secondary School Examination (Enem). For further information, access Sisu/MEC website:


Transfer and Returning 

Every semester, according to the academic calendar, the Student Administration Department (DAE) publishes a call for applications informing the seats available in each undergraduate program for external transfer (to students coming from other higher education institutions), returning (to students who already graduated from UFSC or other institution) and internal transfer (to  students changing degree programs at UFSC). For further information, access DAE website:


Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação (PEC-G)

The Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação (PEC-G), officially created in 1965, provides students from developing countries with which Brazil maintains educational, cultural or scientific and technological agreements the opportunity to pursue their undergraduate studies in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Learn more here:




Graduate Programs at UFSC have their own admission procedures, set out in a specific call for applications. Therefore, you should contact the program of your interest to learn its application requirements. Check the graduate programs offered at UFSC Joinville here: